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Appeal may mean “to disagree with a pronounced judgment on someone or on something by a competent authority”. “To file a paper in a higher authority disproving or disagreeing with the said judgment about someone or something”. On many occasions I have heard from very many people saying “in God’s case, there is no appeal”. Somehow they are right and also somehow they are wrong. As this topic continues to trouble me, I decided to rest it with the word of God. Join me therefore and let’s dig deep into God’s word to find out the truth for ourselves.
When this topic continues to show up to me, I began to discover that God wants me to do something for my people, at least to show them this part of scripture though they know it. It has been concluded that in everything there is no appeal in God’s case. This appeal is based on one side i.e with everybody. But I saw many appeals made in the word of God, which later was true and where God’s judgment was turned for someone’s favour. On a particular day God informed prophet Isaiah to go and tell Hezekiah to prepare his house because he was about to die. God told him that he would not recover from that illness. So prophet Isaiah went and delivered the message as he was sent. I want to say that God is still flexible in the mist of rigid laws to man. No one holds him to Ransomed.
But this appeal must be made to him. That’s where they don’t understand that God can decide how he would handle his word or hold it forth for a son in his house. And when Isaiah left, Hezekiah began to appeal against God’s judgment of death on him. Yea, we said the appeal must be made in his court, not in man’s court, right! Hezekiah went to God in prayer, of course one of our songs said “take it to the Lord in prayer”. He then reminded him about his promise to their father David. “That there would not fail that one should sit on throne of David forever”. When Hezekiah mentioned this promise of God to him, he sent Isaiah back to increase Hezekiah’s life with fifteen more years, read Isa. 38; 2kgs. 20. In this case Hezekiah appealed his case to God and he gave him victory. Our people only concluded that in God’s case there is no appeal because they never remembered about this case. They also consider only when someone goes to the secular law court to appeal on God’s case. Yet into the hands of the lord you can appeal for your case and have it. But you must be standing in righteousness for God to hear you. He does not listen to the prayer of the sinner, for they are an abomination to him. He also informed the same prophet that “before the righteous would call, he would answer and while speaking he will hear” Isa. 65:23-24. The saying that in God’s case there is no appeal is only true with the ungodly which could not make any plea with God.
The righteous are in everlasting remembrance and so we can appeal against any situation which is not favorable to us and God will do something about it. In the book of Isaiah 45:11 he said we should command him concerning his works. One can suffer when you don’t know these things belong to you as a son in the house. If Hezekiah had kept quiet because the message was from God, he would have died without a son, and God would still be God. When God makes a promise to you and it has not come to pass, you have the right to call unto him and remind him about it. Sometimes he wants to see if you know your right before him as a son or as a daughter. Sometimes also he gives you your right without allowing you to demand it by yourself. But one thing you should know is that he is sovereign. It means he is not to be commanded by man. But he has given us a wonderful privilege in his sight.
With these scriptures I believe you can now go to him if you are his child and demand your right in him. But if you are not born again, there is no point trying. He doesn’t listen to sinners except you want to cry for redemption in the first place. He can listen to your appeal if you are born again, he has a soft spot for us. Wherever you may come from does not matter to him now, for we all his workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works. Always come here for good and quality contents of scripture. Remember we provide your tastes here.