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ON WHAT DAY WAS JESUS CRUCIFIED, AND HOW DID IT AGREE WITH GOOD FRIDAY? By Joseph Azubuike Search: emails jazubuike904@gmail.com; josevangelseven@hotmail.com. When, or on what day was Jesus crucifi…

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JOSEPH AZUBUIKE: Contact Info: Umuofo/mpama Neighbourhood Egbu Office: Associate Pastor Bible Church of Christ Int’l, Inc, 113 Douglas Road Owerri- Imo State Nigeria. In the event of change, you shall be notified. Emails: jazubuike904@gmail.com; josevangelseven@hotmail.com. http//www.newgreatblog.com is one of the websites of Joseph Azubuike. Fondly called ''Daddy Joe'' by friends and coleagues. Author of the Book titled ''Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future'', Published by Westbowpress, a Division of Thomas Nelson and Zondaver, USA.

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