This site by name ”newgreat” as its name sounds is a great site, your desire of a website. We are here to offer you good products and contents from the Bible.

Every article, products or contents displayed here in this site are of fine quality and from seasoned experts whose stuffs we are proud of.

For we cannot afford to deliver substandard products to our visitors. Therefore we are poised to seek for both good providers and their products for our valued customers.

But your own duty is to come here always for quality contents, as we and our providers dig deep into the scriptures and discover the type of product and services you need.

It is therefore our utmost desire to give you exactly that article of your interest for which you visit us, in fact that’s our goal.

But if you cannot find your desire here, try to search for it in our sister sites ”http://azekarealblog.org” or at ”www.azekarealblog.com.

We display such articles as ”Rapture of the Church” ”the Beast with seven heads and ten horns” all these are in azekarealblog.org, including ”the day of the Lord”.

But ”How can I bathe together with a woman” ”Who created Sin” and ”the essence of Testimony” etc are here.

Call or email us just in case you want to speak with one of our providers on +2348100168042.

Thank you for visiting.




Author: newgreatblogcom

JOSEPH AZUBUIKE: Contact Info: Umuofo/mpama Neighbourhood Egbu Office: Associate Pastor Bible Church of Christ Int’l, Inc, 113 Douglas Road Owerri- Imo State Nigeria. In the event of change, you shall be notified. Emails: jazubuike904@gmail.com; josevangelseven@hotmail.com. http//www.newgreatblog.com is one of the websites of Joseph Azubuike. Fondly called ''Daddy Joe'' by friends and coleagues. Author of the Book titled ''Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future'', Published by Westbowpress, a Division of Thomas Nelson and Zondaver, USA.

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