But now women yet still

By Joseph Azubuike
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After Jovita had enjoyed her bath with her husband for the first time, she was excited. Sorry I did not mention her name in the first post. She started immediately sharing her experiences and joy with her friends. Some of them doubted its reality, because they had been in the same shoes. A lot of women are still in bondage of this concept, in spite of the level of awareness of Civilization in the world today. On a beautiful day as I was relaxed in my sitting room, I had a knock on my door ‘’kom kom kom’’, I replied ‘’come in’’ and behold Jovita with three women following her, and they came inside my room. I queried ‘’am I safe’’? She replied ‘’very much safe Sir’’.
I asked them to sit down and they sat down, and Jovita opened up. ‘’Sir, I’m here to bring these friends of mine to you because I told them of how you talked to my husband on a day like that about our bathing together as husband and wife, but these my friends doubted it’s possibility’’.
First of all I commended her for sharing the experience and asked the women why they doubted it? One of them called Rosemary stood up and said, ‘’Sir, I used to read about it in the books that such practice/s are the customs and cultures of the white man, but seeing and hearing it from my friend here is the reason I and my friends doubted its reality. Again she said the person who taught her husband about that idea is not a white man but a black, just a neighbour living with them in their yard, our own man and brother’’. And based upon that explanation we decided to see you on a day like today Sir.
Then I replied ‘’do you all also mean that you do not bath together with your husbands’’? They all nodded in the affirmative. Then I continued that they should talk to their husbands about it, and that if they refuse, then they should invite me. In fact, I encouraged them that they should bring in Jovita as a witness in the process. The essence is to avoid suspicion by her husband if I should come first to her houses.
On a day like that they arranged themselves as agreed and brought in Jovita for the talk. She did a good job explaining to Rosemary’s husband, because they were closer than others. And he listened with rapt attention and took the concept up immediately because he had experiences from his over sea training. He said he forgot to educate his people on his return from over sea because he didn’t want any insult from anybody. He said, ‘’at that time there was a lot of unawareness about this concept among the people. And so Rosemary’s husband now helped Jovita on others and success was made.
In this case therefore education is very important, not only circular but both morally and culturally as well as mentally. Some of our cultures have to be modified to fit in, in today’s present stage. A lot of women still need liberation up till now in this area of life with their families and husbands. If their husbands would understand this message, then the case of their cultures would be taken care of very easily.
While many of the men who married these women were circularly educated, they are still culturally blind and mentally depraved. They still hold on to the traditions of yesteryears, while living in the present.
But now women are being trained educationally contrary to how they were regarded in the past, and they are in various offices of Public and Private Lives, yet a great number is still living in the Past with our cultures. But from this single experience, Jovita has become an agent of change. She has affected her three friends and they have gained their husbands approval to bath together.
Now many women are catching the fire as well as their husbands and it is spreading with many other families. Every husband immediately he hears about it even demands it from their own wives. The trend has changed drastically and women are now enjoying with their husbands and they are happy. Awareness changes ugly situations and knowledge empowers a great deal.
Joseph Azubuike.


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