Search: for; Follow us to facebook; tweeter, Google+, LinkedIn. A man asked this question referring his wife ‘’as a woman’’. Well, his wife is a woman.
Once upon a time I confronted a man on this issue. Read the full story in this blog.
This was a story about a man and his wife living in the same Yard with me, and at that time we were living in a face me I face you Yard. In that yard almost everything is shared generally except your own room/s. From the Kitchen to the Toilet and to the Bathroom, these things were shared generally. A man and his wife living next to my Room were living individually yet as a family. On a day they wanted to go somewhere, the man asked his wife to go and take her Bath first, so that when he would be taking his own, the wife would have started dressing, because women used to drag men sluggishly and she would take time in dressing up.
When the wife was taking her Bath, her husband was waiting for her inside their room. But as the wife was taking her Bath, I took my own water and came next in the line to the Bathroom, waiting on her to finish. When she finished and entered their room, her husband immediately rushed out to enter the bathroom, behold I was already in. And he queried, ‘’why have you double crossed me’’? Didn’t you see that it was my wife who was the one in the Bath room when you came to the Bath room’’? I replied, ‘’I saw your wife’s towel on the door Post, and I waited till she finished her Bath, then I entered.
That was the time I told him ‘’ if  you wanted to bath, you should have joined her when she was taking her Bath’’. He replied ”you expected me to join her’’? ‘’How can I Bath together with a woman’’? Yet I was talking inside the Bath room as I was taking my own Bath. We continued. Then I asked him, is she not your wife? Are you not having her upon the Bed? Does she hide anything from you? Are you not the one who gave Birth to all your children with her? What are you talking about? As I was talking, his wife was hearing us from the inside and was enjoying it, saying to me ‘’Fire him’’ ‘’Fire him’’. He has a poor mentality.
When he could not answer any of the questions, he replied, anyway, please finish quickly so that I can take my own. I’m going somewhere, when I come back, we can talk more on this issue. It was not long when I finished and came out and he entered and was considering it. When he came back, he congratulated me after a few days for saving him from the mentality of our ancestors and forefathers. Said he, that mentality was not the best, I’m now enjoying my wife. She is now giving me her best since we started bathing together.
And from that day they started bathing together as husband and wife. The wife began to feel happy all the days we lived together with them in that Yard, till we packed out to another place. When a man takes bath together with his wife, there is a kind of joy that fills the heart of the wife. She feels belonging and dignified and it goes along to keep the family together in love. But when a man keeps separating himself from taking bath with his wife, she feels something is missing somewhere. And there is suspicion on every side.
That’s why families rock, because the man feels like one mountain unapproachable, and his wife feels cheated and despised, whereas there should be no reason for such situation between them
Why do you create suspicion when there is no cause for it? I will allow the community to air their views on this article. Hi friends, is it good for a man to keep his wife out from taking her bath together with him?
Joseph Azubuike


Author: newgreatblogcom

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